“Want to know how you can increase your sales efficiency using ISM ? ”

Laser focus on Sales operations - get 50% more from your Sales team within 4 months !

[Webinar Recording]

August 23,2016 By Sandeep Seth

In this webinar we discussed how tried and tested Lean Manufacturing principles from Toyota can now be applied to the Sales process, and how we, at Intelligent Salesman, have taken inspiration from LEAN to bring a cloud based product which brings benefits to you from day 1

The Webinar also Covered the following
  • What are the issues in running Sales Operations today
  • What are the components of LEAN
  • How is LEAN applicable to Sales Operations
  • Case study: How Intelligent Salesman gave one of our clients almost 50% more revenues per Sales-rep .. within 4 months !
In case you missed it,you can watch the recording of session here

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