“ Want to know how you can increase your sales efficiency using ISM ? ”

Mobile Sales

Manage your Leads through rigorous control & analytics across the Sales Funnel

Route Execution in Progress

Updating Visit Status in Real Time

Adding Inquiry While in Field

GPS enabled Sales App

Ensure your Sales Person is following his Sales Route as per his Daily Sales Plan (DSP) for that day.

Planned vs Actual Route

Assess what the Planned Route was, and what route was actually taken and why. This will help in planning future Sales Routes

Real time Sales tracking per Sales rep

Get real time updates on Sales Funnel progress, as your Sales People come out of meeting clients, and update information at an Enquiry-level. See individual Enquiry-level, Account-level & Sales Person level actuals getting updated. Take immediate action if needed

Graphical Daily Sales Planner

Use the graphical DSP to see all your customers on a map, see playback of how enquries & business have evolved at a daily-weekly-monthly-quarterly basis etc. Use those insights to graphically plan a future route. Store multiple routes

Feed into central Dashboard

See feed-ins coming from multiple Sales People in real time .. On one central web-based screen on your laptop. See your individual Inquiry-level, and the aggregate Sales Funnel moving. Take immediate action if something seems out of control