“ Want to know how you can increase your sales efficiency using ISM ? ”

Managed Services

We do the analysis on your behalf. We proactively provide insights & suggest Action Items to improve your business.

Insights into Forecasting

Are there customers you need to limit credit exposure during their lean periods ? What are your & your customer’s business seasonalities ? Up- and down- cycles ?

Viewing 20+ reports periodically and providing a summary

Our Business Analysts are experienced in looking at business trends, issues & opportunities across clients etc. Sales-rep performance, Pipeline Analysis, ability to meet Forecasts, how well are you penetrating customer accounts etc

Talk with a Business Analyst

2 hours of talk time per month with our Business Analyst

How well is your team using the tool

Are Sales-reps creating Enquiries ? Tasks ? Logging in regularly ? Updating Enquiries regularly ? .. We track all these and more