“Want to know how you can increase your sales efficiency using ISM ? ”


Manage your Leads through rigorous control & analytics across the Sales Funnel

Daily Route Planner

Task Creator

Over 40 Graphs

Tracking & Controlling the Sales Funnel

Manage all aspects of an Enquiry as it flows through the Sales Funnel: Lead → Trial → Quote → Negotiation → PO. See the performance of your SalesMen, and the health of the Sales Funnel through 20+ reports updated daily. Get SMS & email alerts on many business conditions

Dashboard for the Executive & Sales Rep

See the health of your Sales metrics on user friendly dashboards. Actual vs Targets by month, quarter, year; Current & Over-due tasks, Intermediate Targets .. And many more

Daily Sales Planner

Graphically plan daily routes, save multiple routes per sales-rep. color code accounts on value of sales, current position in the sales funnel etc. On commit, make plan visible to Manager

Centralized Document management

Manage only one document repository with expiration, owner, and access rights. Get alerted on SMS, email when document is close to expiration, when new version uploaded etc

Sales Forecasting

Execute route plan through a GPS-enabled app. Update Enquiry status in real time, and feed data to your manager in real time. Initiate contingency route planning if needed

SMS & Email alerts

Get real time SMS & Email alerts per business conditions (new Enquiry, closed Enquiry, Actual Sales less than Expected Sales etc)

Lead2OrderActivity Streams

Setup real time ‘event feeds’ to your dashboard .. SalesMan X opened a new Inquiry with customer Y, quote sent for Inquiry C, PO received for Inquiry D .. And many more events

Pre-packaged Reports

Track various aspects of your business through over 20+ reports (and growing). Sales Funnel velocity, Actuals vs Estimated (drill down by SalesMan, by Territory) right from daily → annual .. And many more

Task Management

Setup Tasks for yourself, for others with time-limits, priority levels, context (i.e. connected with Inquiries, Accounts etc). See all your open & overdue tasks on your main dashboard. Setup email & SMS alerts

Territory Management

Define your own territories, and assign your Sales team.. In minutes. Set & track targets at territory level


Manage all your Tasks, Events, Visits on a single color-coded calendar. Set multiple repeats, multiple reminders, through multiple channels (email, SMS)